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We moved 1000 miles away from our friends and family and just had a new baby....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

B'tzelem Elokim and Kiddush Hashem

Two weeks have gone by now in our middos program. The first midda that was covered was B'tzelem elokim. Basically, it stressed that we should behave like mentchen, because we are created in the image of Hashem. Aryeh really enjoys it when I point out how he is following the midda of the week.

Last Friday, the packet was about Kiddush Hashem. It pointed out that we can do a kiddush Hashem in front of Jews and non-Jews. That when someone knows we are Jewish, and we act nicely, we make Hashem proud. Yesterday, we went to the Science museum in town, and Aryeh was so proud when I told him about the kiddush Hashem he made there. It seems like the program is doing good stuff.

I think it would be easier to see the effects on an older child, but I am happy to be teaching my son to be a good person now when he is young.