Out of Town

We moved 1000 miles away from our friends and family and just had a new baby....

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

First day of school

Today was my son's first day of pre-school. Even though he has had a babysitter since he was young, and was in a program last year, it was still a special day and a milestone. He was so excited about his new school clothes, backpack, supplies and teacher. He really had a great time.

His teacher made today a short day, and the parents came with the kids, so it was low stress and tons of fun for them. The classroom looks great, there are a bunch of centers and everything looks really organized. I am really impressed and I think this is going to be a great year.

Here is a picture of him from this morning....

You could tell which moms had kids in school for the first time by the presence of cameras. I guess by number seven, the first day is not quite as exciting and momentous :)

Here is another picture from this morning in the classroom

Of course, school is not cheap (it is a private school afterall), but I think it is going to be worth it. He has a qualified teacher who has a plan for how and what to teach them, with realistic expectations of 4 year olds. No, they won't be memorized sefer Bereshis, but they will be learning about good middos, mitzvos, torah, tzedakah, and ahavas yisroel.

I'll keep everyone updated!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sheitels and Tznius

Last week I got a new sheitel. I haven't really bought a nice(ish) one since I got married, and that is almost five years. I had never felt really comfortable in the one I originally bought but since I spent the money (only about $300, I got it from a gmach in Israel), I thought I ought to use it.

The new one I bought is also from Israel. I bought it from Michal Wigs. It is really beautiful and was quite affordable. The lady I bought it from, who lives in NJ, was nothing but nice, was really easy to talk to, and answered all my questions honestly. I would certainly recommend working with this company again.

The problem is, I feel that the sheitel is TOO nice. It is much longer than I am accostomed to, and I will probably cut it eventually. It is lighter color of blond than my other. I feel like I am not wearing a sheitel when I look in the mirror. My brother in law said it makes me look 18.

I asked my husband if he thought it was tzenuah, and he is less than no help. He thinks all sheitels should be assur. He thinks the sephardim have it right, that it defeats the purpose of the mitzvah, and that it is gross to wear someone else's hair.

Now, to be clear, this is not a bleach blond sheitel, but it is light, very similar to how my hair was before I was married. And it isn't super long, but it does go a few inches past my shoulder.

What do you all think about sheitels? Is it tzenua to wear a long one? Should I just cut it already?